Hand Built in the Sierra Nevada


I love the way the tiles ‘clink’ when shuffling them around the rack.
Graham R., Piedmont, CA

My family fights over who is going to use my Seven Letters rack. I’m going to have to buy a set of four now...
Stephanie H., Grover Beach, CA

You should've seen my friends the first time I played with them.... The games that night seemed to be a lot more fun.
Scott W., New York, NY

I think my Scrabble game has improved by using the tile rack!  Accessorizing the game, what a great idea.
Kim C., Fresno, CA

I'm more than happy with the exquisite looking metallic racks. They definitely seem to conduct and resonate with a marked degree of the illusive "Scrabble qi" that I'm always trying to channel. I even use one now when I'm playing at another person's board, they're great, I get so many compliments on them!
Bernie M., Bayshore, NY (Scrabby Nook link, http://homepage.mac.com/scrabby)

My boyfriend was absolutely delighted with them – and feels certain that the opposition will be quaking in their boots when he brings them out in matches!

Caroline W., Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Talk about adding a touch of class to the traditional wooden rack! I absolutely love it!
Anita Wilson, NV