Hand Built in the Sierra Nevada

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Three Racks $43.00, +Shipping
Set of Four $55.00, +Shipping
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CARE INSTRUCTIONS Seven Letters® Tile Racks are cast with a high quality aluminum alloy and put through a three-step polishing process.  The rack is designed to last for generations.  To maintain its appearance, periodically wipe it with a soft clean cloth.  You may also apply a non-abrasive metal polish, however, we suggest only doing so 1-2 times per year.
Seven Letters® Tile Racks are uniquely created, each having their own personality and characteristics.  Slight imperfections are considered a natural part of each piece and may assist in developing your seven-letter word: CASTING, PROCESS, GROOVES, RUBBING, SCRATCH, SCRAPES, CHAFFED, NOTCHES, etc...