Hand Built in the Sierra Nevada

All Seven Letters® products are handcrafted in Reno, Nevada, just minutes away from the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Seven Letters® Tile Racks became a vision one night during an intense game of Scrabble®.  Having lost one of the games wooden tile racks, the Founder used a picture frame instead.  The idea then came to create a beautiful and personalized work of art to rest the Scrabble® letters on. Why not?  Growing up he and his family wrote their names and drew pictures and designs on the tile racks as a way to show confidence in their playing and to add fun to the game. Today, each Seven Letters® Tile Rack is made with the individual player in mind.  We know Scrabble® players love the game, and the Seven Letters® Tile Rack is just another way to show the rest of the world, and their competition, they take the game seriously.

Seven Letters® is not affiliated with Scrabble® or Hasbro, Inc.  We are an independent company manufacturing aftermarket products to complement the game.